Sports Mouthgaurds in Canmore

A mouthguard is one of the most important things used in sports to prevent injuries. In Canada, many people think mouthguards used in heavier contact sports like football, hockey, rugby and lacrosse. However, protection is important in low-contact sports such as tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, cycling or rollerblading. Whether you need to protect natural dentition or your recent cosmetic or restorative work, this preventive service help you smile beautifully.


At Canmore Smiles, we use mouthguards from Sports-Flex® which are available in array of colours. They are custom crafted using heat and pressure and help to reduce forces that may cause cerebral haemorrhage, neck injuries, concussions, and jaw fractures. There are various types of mouthguards from Sports-Flex®, including:

Sports-Flex® "Regular"

Sports-Flex® "Regular" is used for participating in moderate contact activities such as soccer, baseball, softball, rollerblading, soccer, racquetball or squash, mountain biking, and skateboarding.


They constructed using two layers of injection-molded vinyl.

Sports-Flex® "Super"

They are constructed using three layers of injection-molded vinyl and has hardened centre layer for added protection. This mouthguard offers protection for rugby, martial arts, ice and street hockey, football, lacrosse, ringette, and other high-contact sports.

Pro-Form® "Multi-Purpose"

This mouthguards is perfect for a wide variety of athletic activity and contact levels. They are constructed from bonded sheets of injection-bolded, cross-woven vinyl for extra strength and resistance to distortion.

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